Real Estate Transactions

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Contact Paul Chadwick, real estate lawyer in Richmond Hill, ON to enquire about the real estate law services he provides at the Chadwick Law.

Whether you have purchased a property, sold a property, refinance a property, etc., most of you have, and if you have not yet, will come into contact with the complexities of Real Estate Law.

While many people are busy "shopping" for the cheapest real estate lawyer, It does amaze me that there is very little conversation about the solicitor's experience level, his or her competency, whether contact from the client will be with the lawyer, or with staff only, and so on. 

In addition, in the general scheme of things, the fees for your real estate lawyer are one of the least costly expenses to be incurred in a real estate transaction;  think about the costs of a purchase (land transfer tax(es)) or the costs of a sale (real estate commissions).  And yet without the skills and expertise of the real estate lawyer the successful closing of the transaction may not occur, or if it does, may run into numerous problems along the way, which may not be resolved in your favour.