Employment Law (non- unionized)

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As you may be aware, in Ontario the rights and entitlements of Employees is governed by the Employment Standards Act, S.O 2000, c. 41

This statute has not kept pace with the changing environment that employees experience. While the current Provincial government is looking at this statute with a view to updating it, until then, it offers a base entitlement to those employees, who would otherwise have no protection whatsoever.


This statute deals with issues such as:

  • The right of continued employment in the even of a sale by the employer, of its business
  • Rules regarding the payment of wages
  • The maintaining of employment records by each employer; i.e. vacation pay entitlements
  • Hours of work and eating periods
  • Overtime Pay
  • Minimum Wage
  • Public Holiday Pay (statutory holidays)
  • Vacation with Pay
  • Equal Pay for equal work
  • Benefit Plans
  • Leaves of Absence; pregnancy, parental, family medical, organ donor, family caregiver, critically ill child care, crime related child death, personal emergency leave etc.
  • Termination of Employment - entitlements
  • Severance of Employment
  • Lie Detectors
  • Retail Business Establishments
  • Numerous other provisions