Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

Author: Paul Chadwick | | Categories: Business Law , Employment Law , Real Estate Transactions , Wills And Estate Planning

Have you recently encountered a legal matter? Instead of handling it on your own and worrying about how to handle the situation, hire a lawyer to help you sort out your legal matter. A lawyer offers advice, represents clients, handles legal paperwork, attends court and protects client’s interest. A lawyer also handles different kinds of legal matters such as business law, wills and estate planning, real estate transactions and employment law.

To help you find the right legal representation for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of top five things to look for when hiring a lawyer.

Responsive. Did your lawyer respond to the initial telephone message or email? The answer to the question will let you know whether your potential lawyer will respond to your queries or you will be left in the dark with questions while your lawyer is working on your particular matter. 

An accurate understanding of a case. For any lawyer to confidently represent a client, they must have a genuine understanding of the issue at hand. In addition to having previous experience with similar cases, a good lawyer will go above and beyond to study a case thoroughly in order to properly advise the client. 

Use of simple, non-legal language. Look for a lawyer who uses straightforward language that is easy to understand. Even if your lawyer uses legal terms, ensure they explain the terms so you have a solid understanding of your position, the course of action to be taken, and potential outcomes.

Honesty. Hire an attorney who is honest and who doesn’t give you excuses or half answers. He should be able to explain you what has happened and what is the possible outcome of it so that you are aware of all the possibilities that you might have to face in future.

Fair advice. Confirm that your potential lawyer doesn’t upsell his services in order to draw more money from you. A lawyer with good personal values will give you sound and fair advice. He shouldn’t suggest potential options if they will not help your case, even if it would increase the firm’s bottom line. At Chadwick Law, not only will there be no upselling of services that you do not require, but it is more than likely that in spite of those legal services that you believe that you require, you will be advised, if appropriate, which of those legal services that you do not require, as being unduly expensive with very little benefit to you.

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